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Meet our Council


Joyce Corley

Mayor Corley was elected in 2019 and took office in 2020.  She will be up for reelection in 2023.  Ms. Corley looks out for the individuals in this city as well as looking at the overall picture.  She is currently working to shore up the water infrastructure in Molena.  One notable achievement during her first term as mayor is bringing broadband to Molena.


Jennifer Riggins - Mayor Pro Tempore and Post 1

Mayor Pro Tempore Riggins has previously served the city as mayor.  She has a heart for this city and currently serves as the head of the Public Safety Committee.

Willie McDowell, Jr. - Post 2

Councilmember McDowell has a history of service to his community as well as to this country.  Rev. McDowell has a heart for the younger generation to see that they have the opportunity to grow up to be men and women of distinction and honor.  He has stressed the importance of maintaining Molena as a safe and healthy community of neighbors who care about each other and look out for each other's needs.  His goals are to ensure this community continues to thrive and grow.

Andrea Ashby - Post 3

Councilmember Ashby is one of the newer members of Council.  Elected in 2021 to fill the remaining term of a vacant post, Councilmember Ashby's most important contribution to date has been to keep an eye on the impact any changes made by Council will have on the individual.

Luis Vazquez - Post 4

Councilman Vazquez was elected in 2021 to fill the remaining term of Councilman Glenn Beckham.  His current roles are Head of Ways and Means and Head of Technology and Engineering.  Councilman Vazquez is also quick to express concerns about how changes will affect the individuals including the property values in Molena.

Allison Turner - Post 5

Councilmember Turner heads the Buildings, Streets, and Grounds committee.  She keeps an eye on the city and is the first to push to make a change when it is needed.  She is very vocal in Council meetings regarding certain properties within the city that need to be cleaned or cleared to protect the safety of our citizens.